CEO Message


Mian Abdul Samad
The Youngest Entrepreneur Chief Executive Officer MAS Group

Mian Abdul Samad embarked on a journey to transform Pakistan with the vision to bring improvements in the life standards of ordinary Pakistani, his vision got developed over the years as a childhood observer of his family owned business in real estate Pakistan, and through the ideas which were proposed by his Father Mian Wamiq Anwer, a renowned Town Planner since he was a child for the improvements in the life standards in human societies. The journey began in 2005 with a very small numbered team members who were sincere, dedicated and hardworking. His strong vision, dedication and excellent leadership qualities with the blend of idea of

transforming Pakistan through real estate sector made existence of MAS Group (THE URBANIST). Amongst his best approaches one of them which is worth highlighting here is educating the people of Pakistan for improving their life standards, while implementing standards and protocols set out by his management. His ideology made him THE YOUNGEST ENTERPRENEUR in the real estate sector of Pakistan and his popularity started to spread out in the entire sector.

Today the group stands out in the real estate sector as one the fastest growing organization with operational offices in 13 metropolitan cities and have achieved a growth up to 300% since the year 2005. Another aspect of his vision is to produce force of employees with three basic attributes capability, dedication and sincerity, as for him the most valued resource is Human Resource and he believes that all the missions set out by the Group can only be accomplished with them. Basing the human resource as the back bone of the group, the group has set out values & policies to take the best care of employees. Owing to his entrepreneurial flair and skills, group has realigned itself to focus on a global outreach while contributing a major share of profits to different sectors of Pakistan for economic growth and intending to inject a great contribution to the exports of Pakistan.

He believes in deliverance of high standards of workmanship with dedication and process oriented approach which can be witnessed through any aspect of MAS Group. He further believes in research and development is one of the prime factors that our group is successful and only through research and development we can bring revolution for transforming Pakistan.

CEO’s Message

We MAS GROUP ( THE URBANIST) want to make Pakistan the best country of world, our nation has the potential of transforming this country in to the most desired state to live of the world. Our nation is the bravest and have the best brains in the world, our people are our strength, come join us in accomplishing our goals and for fulfilment of my vision to deliver the best standards of living through education, industrial developments, real estate and opportunity to work and progress to our nation.