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Smart Homes


Nano Green
Total Area : 547.51 sqft
Covered Area : 486.46 sqft
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Nano Star
Total Area : 625.09 sqft
Covered Area : 602.75 sqft
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DI Home

DI Green
Total Area :663.93 sqft
Covered Area : 520.63 sqft
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DI Star
Total Area :749.2 sqft
Covered Area : 681.07 sqft
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TRI Home

TRI Green
Total Area :593.89 sqft
Covered Area : 495.86 sqft
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TRI Star
Total Area :594.18 sqft
Covered Area : 545.75 sqft
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Total Area : 762.18 sqft
Covered Area : 656.4 sqft
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Total Area :792 sqft
Covered Area : 587.62 sqft
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Total Area : 921.81 sqft
Covered Area : 743.19 sqft
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Total Area : 944.27 sqft
Covered Area : 674.63 sqft
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Total Area : 925.25 sqft
Covered Area : 683.98 sqft
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Total Area : 749.14 sqft
Covered Area : 530.72 sqft
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Commencement of Development work September 2020

Smart Homes

Smart homes is an initiative of Eastern Housing & MAS Group, these homes are meticulously designed for a complete living of an average size family. The payment plans of these homes are designed keeping in the current scenario of Pakistan economy, where we can address the current needs of the housing sector specially taking in count of people lining on monthly rental or living in compromised ways in joint families.

There this is chance where you can move in your home by paying on installments basis and get the possession in on 18 months, where you have 12 different variants to select from, where you have the liberty choose the location of the plot right at the time of booking, where you can assess the progress of you home through an online system, where you will pay as per progress of your abode, you can choose to ad on the extra luxuries to your abode. The smart homes did not only calculate your living we went an extra mile to ensuring the guests visiting you where we have made a mess facility along with the guest residency as well.

These homes are located on the most lucrative location of Lahore at Eastern Housing Lahore right on the main ring road at mere distance of 5 min from airport, 2 min from Orange line metro Train, 5 min from Eastern by pass, 7 min from DHA Lahore, 5 min from mall of Lahore and 10 min from Mall road.

The location is also equipped with many government facilitations like Manawan Hospital, Manawan police station, Shalimar link road bazar, Ghurki hospital, traffic police training institution. On top of all the project is featured thematic parks, Mosques, 24/7 security, Electricity, sewerage, community center, Sports complex and much more.

So don’t wait just grab the opportunity and become part of one of smartest community of Lahore.

Why Choose us

Eastern Housing Lahore is a Meticulously designed project by MAS Group, located on main Ring Road, Qaid-e-Azam Interchange, Lahore at a drive of merely 5 minutes from Allama Iqbal International Airport, and 2 minutes from Grand Trunk Road & orange line.