Procurement of Land

Our land survey teams identify the lands available for projects and gather basic information for evaluating the feasibilities for projects and other uses of the available lands.

Record System:

The above information for the available lands are then digitalized through satellite imagery and Geographical Information System for Town Planning and design wing. Platform and web- based applications by ESRI: ARCGIS 9, ARCIMS and ERMAPPER.

Our topographic surveys of land are then maintained by layering the sequence below:

Design Department

Town Planning Department

Infrastructure Development

Building Control Department

Finance Department

Finance Department Mission

Finance Department is responsible for acquiring and managing of funds within an organization and it also plans for expenditures of funds on various assets. It is part of an organization that ensures efficient financial management and financial control necessary to support all business activities.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Finance Department

The contributions of finance department to any company and how these contributions positively affect organizational performance includes everything from managing cash flow to assistance in key strategic decisions. The roles and responsibilities of a finance department includes but are not limited to:

Management of Company’s Cash Flow

The Finance Department manages all cash flows into and out of a company and ensure that there are enough funds available to meet the day-to-day running of the company.

Budgets and Forecasting

The finance department works with managers to prepare company’s budgets and forecasts and also give feedback with regards to the financial standing of the company.

Advising and Sourcing Long Term Financing

The finance department advice company on the best financing mix that could yield best profits.

Management of Taxes

Running a company involves paying taxes, and it is the duty of finance department to handle tax issues.

Management of Company’s Investments

Apart from selecting and analyzing new investments, the finance department also manages company’s existing assets.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Financial reporting and analysis is a function that takes raw accounting entries and transforms them into meaningful, usable and comparable financial statements.

Assist Key Personnel in Making Key Strategic Decisions

The finance department provides company management with information necessary to make strategic decisions such as;

Marketing & Sales Department

Role of Marketing Department

Marketing department oversees all communications, public relations and promotional activities selected to support the brand and marketing strategy. This includes design, production and distribution of print materials such as brochures, ads and direct response plus radio and television spots needed for broadcast campaigns. In line with the need to keep the brand in front of the target audience, the marketing department manages press relations, speaking engagements, special events and community outreach activities. Website maintenance, social media participation and trade show exhibitions represent additional tasks.

Sales Management

Marketing Strategies

Event Management

Social Media Expert/Creative Services

Advertising and Promotional Campaigning

Communication with other Departments

Communication with clients

Dealer’s Market Management

REM Department

Real Estate Management (REM) is the king pin the development of business. Here the generation of funds are matched with the development work and maintain the society’s operations . Here transfer system is managed through proper integrated procedure. The company use State of Art software to Safe & Secure the client’s data and managed it perfectly

Human Resource Department

HR Mission

Our mission is to support our Corporate Leadership, Department Heads and Employees in the achieving their personal and strategic goals. We intend to achieve this by attracting;

Developing and retaining high caliber staff and constantly revitalizing the employees of Eastern Housing through Benchmark policies and practices.

HR Strategy of Eastern Housing

Eastern Housing, considers its human capital as the most valuable asset of the organization. As the Real Estate, Developers Market in Pakistan is becoming immensely competitive therefore in order to achieve a competitive edge over its competitors, Eastern Housing aims to attract, develop and retain the best human capital available in the market. For this Eastern Housing has adapted the following HR policies.

Role of Human Resource Department

HR Quality Objective

Our HR Strategy is encompassed by:

Accounts Department

Accounts Department Mission

Accounting department provides accounting services to the organization to keep the business operating without hitches and delays. The department records accounts payable / receivable, inventory, payroll, fixed assets and all other financial elements. The department’s accountants review the records of each department to determine the company’s financial position and any changes required to run the organization cost effectively.

Roles and Responsibilities of Accounts Department

The accounting department is responsible for recording and reporting the cash flows, both in and out, of a company. There are five basic roles or functions within the department:

Cash Disbursements & Accounts Payable

To maintain great relationships with vendors the Account Department ensures that vendors get paid on time. Accounts payable is responsible for paying vendors for supplies purchased or any other expenses incurred by the business.

Cash Receipts & Accounts Receivable

Another critical duty of the accounting department is to track and record account receivables, including outstanding invoices.


Payroll is a critical function of the accounting department and includes making sure all employees are paid accurately and timely on a regular schedule.

Reporting and Financial Statements

The primary reason Accounts Department record data properly in accounting software is to prepare financial reports that can be used for budgeting, forecasting and other decision making processes.

Financial Controls

Legal Department

Procurement Department


The objectives of a procurement department in our organization move far beyond the traditional belief that procurement’s primary role is to obtain goods and services in response to internal needs. To understand how this role is changing, we must understand what purchasing is all about, starting with the primary objectives of a purchasing organization.

Objective 1

Objective 2

Objective 3

Develop Strong Relationships with Other Functional Group

Objective 4

Support Organizational Goals and Objectives
Develop integrated purchasing strategies that support organizational strategies.
Effective purchasing strategies involve:

IT Department

IT Department is responsible for providing the infrastructure for automation. It implements the governance for the use of network and operating systems, and it assists the operational units by providing them the functionality they need. It’s important to note that although the IT department implements and facilitates the flow of information, it doesn’t create the policy that defines which information is correct or accessible to others.

The Three Major IT Functions

IT Network Responsibilities

Our IT department oversees the installation and maintenance of computer network systems within a company. Its primary function is to ensure that the network runs smoothly.

Our IT department evaluate and install the proper hardware and software necessary to keep the network functioning properly. This includes working within a budget that allocates the amount of money the company can afford on network devices and software. IT department make sure that the equipment it invests in both optimally serves the needs of the company without going over budget.

Networks can be simple or extremely complex depending upon their size and composition. In addition to staying current on trends within business technology.

Network Contingencies

Once a network system go down, the repercussions can be costly — not just to the company and its operations, but outside entities that require products or services from the company. These outside entities could be affected and lose faith in the company’s ability to provide them with what they need. Our IT department put a crisis plan in place that can be implemented should the system go down. It designed to put the network back up quickly or allow it to switch over to an alternate system until the necessary repairs are completed.

Through the maintenance and planning of a network system, our IT department forge professional relationships with outside vendors and industry experts. This helps the department employees perform their duties more efficiently as well as stay current on the latest technology that might be beneficial to the company for which they work.

Application Development

Quite often, company see the main role of the IT department as creating the ERP applications that serve its core business needs. The right applications allow a business to be innovative, more productive, efficient, and to move ahead of its competitors. In many ways, this makes our IT department crucial to the success of a business.

Our expertise necessary to create the applications that can set a business apart from the others requires an IT department with programmers, analysts, interface designers, database administrators, testers, and other professionals. Our employees become quite knowledgeable about the operations of the business itself. As a result, they become valuable to other departments outside IT.


Most people are aware that the IT department focuses on the success of computer operations and other information technologies needs within a business. However, with many new forms of electronic communication replacing older technology, communication is being redefined and is now referred to as “telephony.” This includes point to point phone calls as well as conference calls. Video and web conference also fall under this category and include other forms of technology necessary to facilitate communication: network drives, electronic mail (email), and secure servers.

Our IT department fully understand how these systems work and interact with each other. The department must also ensure that these systems remain operational at all times.

Technical Support

Employees are familiar with having to contact with IT department for computer support. The IT department provides this service for all the users who need access to the company’s computer systems. This might entail installing new software or hardware, repairing hardware that has become faulty, training employees in the use of new software, and troubleshooting problems with the system or with an individual’s computer.

It’s apparent that not all the IT department does is apparent – it creates and maintains so many systems that go unseen or unrecognized by employees. These services, however, are integral to the success of a business. Though they may not be appreciated when business is running smoothly, their importance is greatly recognized when something goes wrong.

General Operations

The group possesses an extensive experience of managing a housing project starting from acquisition of open land till the completion of construction of the last house. After sales services are of paramount importance while converting a housing project into a successful venture. Some of the major tasks managed by the Operations Division include:

Administration Work

Administrative work is in fact the backbone of any organization. It primarily includes effective and efficient flow of information and office equipment. This flow takes place from one division to the other and from top level management to the bottom level staff. Only when the administrative work is adequately carried out can an organization continue to function effectively throughout the year and on day to day basis.


Security mainly includes the duties of securing the premises and personnel within the premises by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings, equipment and access points and permitting entry. Senior members within the security department will ensure that they direct their junior staff in identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining security processes across the organization to reduce risks, respond to incidents, and limit exposure to liability in all areas of financial, physical and personal risk. A system of control risk is established and improved gradually to remove any inherent risks and human errors.

Maintenance Work

This department ensures the maintenance of all important assets, preserving them and looking after their upkeep gradually over the period of time.

Residents Relations

In order to ensure cordial relationships between the residents and the management, a cohesive environment of the housing society is a necessity. The operations team will ensure that a sense of belonging, will promote trust and offers its members the chance to lodge a complaint without any inconvenience through the complaint office.

Vehicle Maintenance

This includes preventative maintenance and repair services for all motorized vehicles and equipment owned by the housing society.

Electrical Work and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment

Maintenance of electrical equipment as part of electrical work mainly includes ensuring minimum break downs and malfunctions. Main electrical equipment includes air conditioners, power generators, electric water coolers etc.

Management of Executive and Staff Mess

This will ensure that the mess is adequately resourced and concerned cooks and helpers are not overburdened. The menu is timely decided and food supplies are promptly delivered to kitchen staff. Furthermore, it is ensured that all the employees of the company are served with their respective well-cooked meals in a timely manner. This facility will be further enhanced and converted into Dastar’khawn concept for the company’s staff as well as downtrodden outsiders.

Development Work

The operations team will account for any unexpected contingency regarding the delay in the construction work. Delays might result in additional costs and additional fees. Eastern Housing management can avoid this cost by breaking down its deadline and making sure that deadlines are achieved within the allocated time.

Development Work

The operations team will account for any unexpected contingency regarding the delay in the construction work. Delays might result in additional costs and additional fees. Eastern Housing management can avoid this cost by breaking down its deadline and making sure that deadlines are achieved within the allocated time.

Waste Management

It helps to make waste disposal easier for the society’s residential and commercial area as well as the offices complex, minimizing the costs involved and enforcing controls to ensure a healthy environment. The housing society also includes a Disposal Station for this purpose.

Logistics Management

Logistics management generally consists of processes for inbound and outbound logistics traffic. It includes sourcing and procurement, production planning and scheduling. Logistics management is part of all the levels of planning and execution, including strategic, operational and tactical.

Further, it coordinates all the logistics activities, and it integrates logistics activities with other functions, including marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance and information technology. Good logistics management ensures that products are completed in the most economical, safe, efficient and timely manner. This results in cost savings for the company and more satisfied customers.

Logbook Maintenance

Within the housing society many log books shall be maintained to keep track of employees, every piece of equipment and vehicle in use etc. These log books also record all repairs, maintenance and inspections being carried out where necessary.


Horticultural Department is responsible for maintaining and developing new parks and landscapes.


Housekeeping is an important function of the operations division which is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the public areas, green belts and surroundings.