Entertainment Zone


Eastern Housing Multan, Entertainment Zone provides its residents with facilities that aid a secure lifestyle and make it a comfortable one. Facilities provided in EHM include many amongst which following are worth highlighting:

E Sports Arena

Enchanting Gardens

Entertainment Lounges

Family Fun Centers

Food Courts

Food Trucks Fun Fare

Gaming Arcades

Gaming Arcades

Outdoor Seating Areas

Shooting Studio

VR Gaming Centers

Water Parks

Art & Craft Studios

Arts & Crafts Bazaar

Comedy Clubs-05

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Legacy of Excellence

Welcome to Eastern Housing Multan, a transformative urban development that blends sustainability, modernity and community engagement. Basically, it’s a holistic lifestyle development with unique features of the seven distinct zones to form a sustainable community. Each Zone of Eastern Housing Multan is uniquely crafted to cater the varying needs of our residents and to contribute to an enriched urban lifestyle.

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Entertainment Zone

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