Eastern Housing, Lahore (EHL)

Eastern Housing, Lahore (EHL) is intended to be sustaining community for its residents with a focus on affordable housing scheme and state of the art urban model. In this regard, Eastern Housing has been serving with best real estate practices in Lahore, with its prime location of Quaide-e-Azam interchange, Ring road , Lahore . Especially it is nearest to all the important places you need to be at!


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Legacy of Excellence

Eastern Housing a premium project of MAS Group that serves for a Modern community lifestyle transformation with Eastern Values. Eastern Housing is intended to be sustainable community by pursing its vision of Plan M. A program set out by MAS Group for accommodating 100,000 families throughout Pakistan by 2027 while providing them the Best standards of living above par to the international standards. EHL is evolving as state of the art urban Model of living based upon its holistic real estate approach along with planning designing and executing the project. Eastern Housing and its dedicated team of experts and professionals firmly believe in restoration of land improvement of ecosystem and building a true community lifestyle through sports facilities like sports courts playground, gym and family parks that is ultimately enabling easy access to decent and modern but affordable living standards in Pakistan.

Babar Block

Mughal Block

Turk Block

East Bay Commercial Hub