Health Zone


Eastern Housing Multan, Health Zone provides its residents with facilities that aid a secure lifestyle and make it a comfortable one. Facilities provided in EHM include many amongst which following are worth highlighting:

Regional Health Clinics

Designated Cycling Tracks

Designated Housing for Doctors


Rehabilitation Centers

Yoga & Meditation Spaces

Pedestrian Friendly Road Network

Paramedical Teaching Institutes

Health Care Centers

Maternity Clinics

Research and Development Centers

Footpath Haven

Specialized Clinics

Blood Banks

Animal Husbandry


Specialized Clinics

Medical College

Teaching Hospitals

Ambulance Service

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Legacy of Excellence

Welcome to Eastern Housing Multan, a transformative urban development that blends sustainability, modernity and community engagement. Basically, it’s a holistic lifestyle development with unique features of the seven distinct zones to form a sustainable community. Each Zone of Eastern Housing Multan is uniquely crafted to cater the varying needs of our residents and to contribute to an enriched urban lifestyle.

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Health Zone

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